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Our journey to sustainability

Climate change navigates our vision to what the “perfect tee” looks like. Our long-term goals include committing to sustainability through extensive research and proven practices, then implementing it as a design philosophy in everything we do. In the meantime, we aimed to quickly address these goals with our new recycled Eco-Knit collection and our youthful eco-conscious line, Sundown by Splendid.

Made from recycled materials, including fibers from your old tees, Eco-Knit is committed to creating core basics using mindful processes and continues to further transition these methods to more signature styles.


Imagined with love for the earth, our youthful eco-conscious line uses fewer color baths for way less water usage, single yarn construction for lower energy consumption and gradually creating a cut-to-order process that would be completely waste-free.



Responsible Packaging

We recognize our responsibility to reduce waste holistically by minimizing packaging and making it 100% recyclable. We are continuing to explore how we can make a creative, impactful change that will last a lifetime.

Sustainable Sourcing

Sourcing responsibly sits at the center of how we’re mapping our road to sustainability. As we complete thorough research of our suppliers and discover new, better ways to source our materials, we are looking at how we can lower our water consumption and ultimately introduce a Zero Water Tee and Eco-Care fabric that implements all sustainable practices.